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 Aladdin:  Aladdin Soundtrack:  Aladdin: Aladdin:  Aladdin: Aladdin  & Jasmine:  Aladdin: All Characters:  Aladdin: Jafar:  Aladdin: Jasmine:  Aladdin: Rajah:  Atlantis: Kida:  Atlantis: The Lost Empire:  Beauty & The Beast:  Beauty & The Beast: Gaston:  Emperor's New Groove:  Great Mouse Detective, The:  Hercules:  Hercules: All Characters:  Hercules: Hades:  Hercules: Megara:  Hunchback of Notre Dame Soundtrack:  Hunchback of Notre Dame: Clopin:  Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda:  Kung Fu Panda:  Lion King:  Little Mermaid:  Mulan:  Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack:  Princess & The Frog:  Ratatouille:  Road to El Dorado:  Road to El Dorado Soundtrack:  Shrek:  Shrek 2:  Shrek: Puss In Boots:

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