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 Music for the Masses
Music for the Masses: Depeche Mode
One of the best New Wave/Electronic bands ever. Even their new music is great!

 Hot Blooded
Hot Blooded: Foreigner
My dad introduced me to Foreigner when I was 11 or so, because he thought I listened to too much rap XD Well, I was hooked. One of the best classic rock bands ever!

 Like Gods of the Sun
Like Gods of the Sun: My Dying Bride
Co Owned with Mal. One of my dearest metal bands. Heavy, funereal doom.

 Perfect Garden
Perfect Garden: Schwarz Stein
Great band, I believe Mana-sama produced their albums.

 Chao Tokyo
Chao Tokyo: See-Saw
Was introduced to See-Saw by a friend a looong time ago. I think they're great. Also, Yuki Kajiura. :)

 A Strange Day
A Strange Day: The Cure
Ah, another favorite band. The Cure are so versatile. Their songs can range from heavy and sad to almost kind of poppy. That's why I love them!

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