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Dhampir: Castlevania: Alucard
Favorite Castlvania character. Ayame Kojima's art of him is amazing.

 6th Gen
6th Gen: Playstation 2
My favorite console :)

 Best Console
Best Console: Sega Genesis
MY CHILDHOOD. I came home after school every day and played games on my Sega Genesis. I have such fond memories of it, also it kept me somewhat sane during that hard time in my life. I will forever love it.

Executioner: Silent Hill 2: Pyramid Head
Fave Silent Hill monster :) I just love this character.

 Blue Blur
Blue Blur: Sonic the Hedgehog series
I would come home after school and play these games and let all my troubles of the day melt away....Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is my favorite. It also has a great soundtrack.

 Twisting Blade of Solitude
Twisting Blade of Solitude: Soulcalibur: Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine
Another favorite Soullcalibur characters, I really enjoy fighting as Ivy. I was happy when Jenna adopted this to me.

 Destiny Awakened
Destiny Awakened: Soulcalibur: Kilik
One of my favorite Soulcalibur characters. Also I just think he's really cute ^_^;

 Wandering Warrior
Wandering Warrior: Street Fighter: Ryu
My favorite Street Fighter character since I was a kid playing the PC game.

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