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 Urban Legend
Urban Legend: Candyman
I love this movie. More Clive Barker awesomeness! Tony Todd is sooo good at being creepy! Join or he'll come get you, bees and all O_O

 We Have Such Sights to Show You...
We Have Such Sights to Show You...: Hellraiser
One of my favorite Horror movies ever! I love the cenobites. Clive Barker is a creative genius.

Witchlight: The Craft
A great movie which if you haven't seen, I would highly recommend! Robin Tunney was great in this movie.

 They're Already Here
They're Already Here: War Of The Worlds (2005)
I really love this movie. I have watched it at least ten or twenty times. It has nothing to do with my love for Tom Cruise, though. Nope. Nothing. XD

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